Fundraising & Student Accounts

The OPG offers students an option to fundraise. There are a variety of fundraisers offered to allow everyone an opportunity to participate in something that may interest the student. There is no expectation that students engage in all the fundraisers offered. Monies raised by a student through Student Fundraising will go into their student account for the following uses:

  • 1. OPG Membership

  • 2. Central's Pay to Participate Fee

  • 3. Workshop Registration

  • 4. Trip payments (Students only. Includes the ‘big’ trip and smaller trips with a music ensemble to places such as Lincoln Center, Hershey Park, etc.)

The Band Parent Association (BPA) and the OPG jointly offer two types of Student Fundraising: one-time fundraisers and year-round fundraisers.

One-Time Fundraisers

These are fundraisers that generally run during the school year with only one opportunity to participate. The parent volunteer coordinating the fundraiser distributes fundraising information to the music teachers or sent out through the OPG List Serv. Included with this information are instructions on selling dates, costs and delivery dates.

With each fundraiser students must:

  • Turn in ONE check for the total amount of the fundraiser (neither cash nor individual checks will be accepted). The people to whom you are selling can give you cash or checks made out to you and then you must write ONE check to the “HCRHS BPA” or “RED DEVILS OPG” unless otherwise instructed.

  • The check must be turned in by the deadline date. Checks and order forms can be turned in to the individual fundraiser coordinator or dropped in the Big Red Box (found in the band room next to the hallway door).

  • Be prepared to pick up the items sold on the delivery date or make arrangements for someone to get them for you (this is especially critical for perishable items such as pizzas or cookie dough).

*Note : The amount of profit varies per fundraiser. The percentage to be earned will be explained in the information packet of each fundraiser.

Year-Round Student Fundraisers

These are fundraisers that students/parents have the opportunity to participate in year-round. There is one type of Year-Round Fundraisers:

The BPA and OPG offers three gift/debit card fundraisers. You purchase gift/debit cards at face value that can be used like cash, but a portion of each gift/debit card purchased is credited to your student’s account. Unlike one-time fundraisers, the entire profit is credited to the students’ account. Currently the BPA and OPG offers gift/debit cards from ShopRite, Kohl’s and the 'General' Gift Card Fundraiser. Check out the OPG website for the link to BPA fundraising information for details and ordering forms.

Organizational Fundraising

In addition to the student fundraising, the OPG also undertakes several events during the year to fundraise for the music program as a whole. This includes:

  • Ticket sales and concessions for the Holiday Concert where all proceeds go to the OPG Scholarship Fund

  • A wine and cheese social to help fund professional workshops for the students (every four years)

  • Concert and show concessions where proceeds go to cover the annual operating expenses of the OPG (taxes, annual reports, licenses, Sunshine Fund, trip/chaperone expenses etc)

Student Accounts

The BPA holds a separate student account for funds earned through fundraising. Each student’s funds are accounted for individually. When a student completes a fundraiser, the Student Accounts Manager will receive a report of the quantity sold, the students name and the amount to credit to each student account. The Student Accounts Manager posts, on a monthly basis, the amount in each account and what fundraisers are included in that amount. This “Student Fund Ledger” is available at the monthly BPA meetings for review or you can contact the Student Accounts Manager by phone or email at any time to check your student’s account status. The Student Accounts Manager can be contacted here.

Student Account Withdrawals

In order to withdraw money from a Student Account, a withdrawal request form must be submitted to the Student Accounts Manager. The Student Account Withdrawal Request Form can he found here. Money may only be withdrawn for the student’s direct OPG use. It cannot be withdrawn for cash or for anyone else’s use, including parent or guardian use.

Student Account Transfers

Unused funds may be transferred to a sibling who participates in any instrumental music program (OPG or MRD). Unused funds may also be transferred to a non-related student provided that the parents/guardians of both individuals sign a Transfer Request Form. This form is located here. Unused student funds may also be donated to either the OPG Scholarship Fund or the OPG General Operating Fund.

Funds will remain in graduating students’ accounts until June 30th of the current year. These funds may be held for two years so that these funds can be transferred to a younger sibling’s MRD/OPG account. Unused funds may not be withdrawn as cash or used to pay school obligations outside of the MRD/OPG. Any unused funds of a graduating OPG students that are not otherwise transferred or donated are automatically deposited into the OPG General Operating Fund on June 30th.