Student Account Authorization Forms

Money raised by music students through fundraisers goes into their student accounts. Student accounts can be used to pay for Central music related expenses such as performance trips (Europe or Disney), the "Music in the Park" Hershey trip, or spiritwear. The BPA student accounts manager keeps track of the money in each student's account. You authorize the use of that money by submitting either a student account Withdrawal Request Form or a Transfer Request Form to the BPA student accounts manager. Money may only be withdrawn for the student's direct use. It can not be withdrawn for cash.

* Both forms can be found here.

Note that these forms are also used by marching band students. Account forms should be mailed to Laura Smith, BPA Student Account Manager, at the address on the form.

Unused funds may be transferred to a OPG/MRD sibling or other non-related student, provided the parents/guardian of both individuals sign a Transfer Request Form. Funds will remain in a graduating student's account until June 30th of the graduation year. These funds may be held to transfer to a younger siblings account. Unused funds may not be withdrawn as cash or used to pay school obligations outside of the OPG/MRD. Unused funds may also be donated to the OPG Scholarship Fund. Unused funds of graduating students that are not transferred to another student/sibling or donated to scholarships are automatically deposited into the OPG General Operating Fund.

Please contact Laura Smith at BPA Student Account Manager for more information.