Important Spring Trip Information

Post date: Mar 03, 2013 11:31:37 PM

Attention all Spring Trip Participants

Below are two very important messages from Mr. Magalio that needs your immediate attention.

1. Our trip coordinator informed us that you are required to provide passport numbers; this week if possible, prior to the trip. The numbers are necessary in order to facilitate a smooth check in process at our hotels. All students, chaperones, and staff attending the trip must submit their passport numbers to me as soon as possible. All parents traveling must submit their numbers to Monika Courtney or directly to Kim Martin at Discovera Tours

Please email me your passport number; after the number is recorded, emails will be immediately deleted. If anyone feels uncomfortable emailing this information, your child can bring it to me on a piece of paper that will be shredded after the number is recorded.

2. I have some updated information for everyone regarding foreign currency at the Flemington AAA office.

I was originally informed at the AAA office that they have Cashpax available for Euros for Austria and could order Koruna for Prague. Many parents have already gone into the office and were told they do not have Koruna available at all. So please visit AAA for Euros and Prepaid money cards only.

Most banks will handle currency exchange for both countries.

I use TD Bank in Flemington. You can purchase Foreign Currency there. They can also open Student Checking Accounts for the students. Therefore, they will be accommodated with a Debit card that can be used in place of money.

The Flemington office (near McDonalds) is open 8:30- 5 on Monday-Wednesday and Thursday –Friday 8:30-8, Sat. 8:30-3 and Sunday 11-4.

Thank you for your assistance in these matters.